Safety Systems and Controls

The most common and highly visible example of a safety control is probably the ubiquitous and highly visible “red mushroom” emergency stop button. Safety goes much further than this though, and can be interlinked with the smooth running of a production line.

The most obvious safety elements – outside of the Red Mushroom – are the various sensors and switches that can detect a potentially dangerous situation, and take appropriate action. Examples of this would include proximity detectors or laser-barriers that shut down a machine when somebody approaches a critical area too closely.

A similar concept are ‘interlocks’, which prevent a machine (or elements of a machine) from starting up when inspection panels are opened, or even shut a machine down when other machines (upstream or downstream) are prevented from functioning for some reason. Hence safety can be part of a larger, interconnected “system”, rather than an isolated machine.


Central Controls Ltd can integrate all of these elements into their controls systems, providing initial consultation, design, manufacture and programming. Past systems have incorporated such elements as:

  • Manually operated emergency stop controls. (stop buttons, pull cords et al)
  • Beam-breaking and light-curtain sensors.
  • Proximity detectors.
  • Dongles incorporated into clothing or equipment.
  • Pressure plates
  • Warning lights and audio alarms (klaxons etc).
  • Mutli-panel interlocks.

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Safety Systems and Controls

Central Controls can incorporate the full spectrum of safety interlocks, indicators and actuators into your control panel and interfaces, including..

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